Britnie’s mom finally had Baby Jack yesterday! Brit and I swung by the hospital this evening to see him. Such a cutie, even for a baby! Cant wait to see this little guy grow. 

Got new business cards from Moo the other day! Added some new images from my Years Later body of work. Whats everyone think? 

Here are some photos from my Holga from the last two weeks of June.

I found out yesterday that FeatureShoot posted this on this website! I am officially a “contender” for their emerging artist 2014! Fingers crossed! 

CLICK HERE for the full post! 

PART 2 //

Here are the rest of the photos from this weekend! Also, check out this weekend from Britnie’s point of view on her blog

PART 1 //

This weekend was such a blast! Even though the 4th rained, we still made the best out of it. Here are images from the 6th (yesterday). Enjoy! 

I was featured as yesterday’s MoM on FLUX Boston! 

CLICK HERE for link to the website. 

Today we had my mother’s surprise 50th birthday party. My Mimi took her shopping while everyone set up, and she thought everyone was at my Grama’s becuase we fooled her into thinking it was for our cousins’ birthday party. Even after she walked in and we yelled surprised, she was still confused! haha Cooked burgers, hotdogs, pasta salad and Grama’s rice (THE best). Such a great afternoon! 

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

Here are the first set of images from MY NEW CANON 6D!!! Super excited with this camera so far. Great in low light and I cant wait to push it further. All images taken with the 6D and 35 f2.

I am still in the process of selling my Nikon gear so here is a listing of what I still have:

Nikon d300s:

Tamron 17-50 2.8:

Sigma 30 1.4:

Nikon 50 1.8:

Please help spread the word or let me know if you are interested! 

I was recently introduced to Miller’s Professional Imaging by a former professor and now good friend David Welch. They are a printing service for professional photographers. They also develop film!

It is quite the process to become a member though. You have to first request a membership, wait for them to accept you, then submit a few photos for them to print for you, for them to show you (ideally) how good they are at printing. Once you submit they then give you a member ID and you can now order and print though them. I am more interested in the color film lab though. They only charge $2.05 for 120 film! I need to look farther into it because Im still a little confused on the shipping process but I am excited to give them a try.

As for the printed photos, the only thing I noticed was that the images they printed with their “color adjustments” was that they are warmer than my original images. In my case, that really isnt they helpful but I can see if wedding photogs dont edit their photos that well and need the extra color enhancements. What impressed me most though was the fact I “ordered” the photos YESTERDAY and they have already arived at my apartment in Quincy. So that gives me extra hope for getting film back quickly.

Overall, I look forward to doing business with Miller’s Professional Imaging.